Palpa pays deposit and processing refunds for the return points registered in the recycling systems and returning deposit beverage packages for recycling as instructed.

The credit notes are created and recorded on the 15th and the last date of each month. The payment term for the credit note is always 21 days net from the value date. Palpa pays the credit amount to the bank account reported by the return point on the due date without a separate request. Credit notes are sent to the returner as paperinvoices via post or as e-invoices. Log your e-invoicing address on Extranet or report it by e-mail:


We recommend that a form be printed for monitoring manual returns. The sticker tag of Palpa sticker adhered to the returns are adhered to the form. The tag should contain information on the content of the return (can, plastic bottle or glass bottle) and the pick-up date. This makes it easy to monitor the returns and, if necessary, check them afterwards.

This monitoring form can be delivered to the people in charge of inspecting invoices and the refunds can be monitored in Extranet with a delay of about 4 weeks from the pick-up date.

Form for monitoring manual returns HoReCa

Palpa refunds the manual returns of cans and plastic bottles on the basis of the calculation data delivered by processing plants. Glass bottles are refunded on the basis of pick-ups reported by drivers with a container conversion. The receipt number is the same as the sticker number and the date of the receipt is the calculation date or the pick-up date of a glass container.

Palpa refunds and pays for all open and correct receipts, after which the receipts with an error status are checked. On the basis of the check, a receipt can either be rejected or released for refunding.

Who is in charge of what?

The return point:

  • Is in charge of appropriate sorting of beverage packages and the use of an appropriate transportation unit.
  • Is in charge of marking the transportation units with a Palpa sticker.


  • Is in charge of rendering and paying accounts in accordance with the rules and regulations.

Drivers and processing plants:

  • Are in charge of transporting and counting the returns and reporting to Palpa
  • Are in charge of monitoring the purity of the returns

 More detailed information about returns is found here.



Returns can be easily monitored on Palpa’s Extranet. The Extranet is also a primary checking method for complaints concerning Palpa’s accounts and refunds.

For further information on the monitoring of returns and making a complaint, see the Extranet instructions.

See Extranet instructions in Material bank.