Palpa’s deposit beverage packages can be returned by non-Retail operations as manual returns.

The beverage packages are packed in their own transportation units in the return point in accordance with the return- and sorting instructions and marked with a PALPA sticker.

The returns are mainly transported as round trip transports of beverage suppliers, excluding direct pick-ups of recyclable glass.

The returns are transported to processing plants. Automatic returns of cans and plastic bottles are baled and manual returns are counted before baling. The glass containers are emptied on the platforms to wait for transfer to the waste processor.


There are specific instructions for sorting the packages. It is important to follow the instructions so that the recycled materials are as clean as possible and that their reuse value is as high as possible. For more information on the reuse of beverage package materials, see the section on recycling beverage packages.

There are separate instructions for automatic and manual returns.

The return instructions (only in Finnish) for refillable glass bottles (e.g. the traditional brown beer bottles) are the same for both automatic and manual returns.

Did you know that even one porcelain coffee cup thrown in a glass collection point ruins the reuse possibilities of the entire batch?

The purity of returns is monitored at processing plants during the unloading of the transportation units. If the return is not in compliance with Palpa’s instructions, the deposit refunds of the return may not be paid – make sure to sort your returns correctly!


The following equipment is required for Palpa’s returns:

Palpa stickers

  • Palpa sends the first batch of stickers to the return point after the registration application has been approved. You can order more stickers on Palpa Extranet or via e-mail:

Packaging materials of returns, i.e. transportation units

  • There are separate defined transportation units for automatic returns and manual returns. These are sold by beverage suppliers and franchising groups, among others.

Packaging elements of HoReCa