Sorting of beverage packages


The appropriate sorting of beverage packages ensures that the recyclable material remains so clean that new food packages can be made of it. 

Cans and plastic bottles

Sort cans and plastic bottles separately.

Return cans (also non-deposit) intact, empty and clean in a Palpa manual bag (red print).

Return plastic bottles with Palpa's deposit marking intact, empty and clean in a Palpa manual bag.

NOTE! Non-deposit plastic bottles must not be sorted into deposit material, as the recyclability of the material cannot be guaranteed. Non-deposit plastic bottles can be recycled by returning them to a plastic collection point, as an energy fraction or as mixed waste.

Glass bottles must not be returned in a manual bag. Pieces of broken glass can be a large health and safety risk for the driver and for the personnel in the processing plant.

Glass bottles

Sort only beverage bottles of glass into a glass container.

Return glass bottles intact, empty and clean.

NOTE! Do not put cans, plastic bottles, ceramics, porcelain, rubbish or other glass material
(eg drinking glasses) in the container.

Impurities prevent recycling

Returns must not contain rubbish or other impurities as they will prevent recycling. If the return does not comply with Palpa's instructions, the deposit refunds of the return may not be paid.

Remember to follow Palpa's sorting and return instructions in all returns.

Return instructions