Breweries and importers: Expanding the deposit-refund systems


Palpa is expanding the deposit-refund systems to apply to, in addition to the customs tariff item 22 subject to the beverage container tax, fruit and vegetable juices as well as juice and beverage concentrates and glögg concentrates. The product groups included in the expansion have been described in greater detail in the “Product groups accepted into the return systems” table.

Product groups accepted into return systems

The registration of items included in the new product groups can be started immediately. Palpa approves new products into the deposit-refund systems every 15th and the last day of the month (or the weekday preceding them). Products can be sold subject to deposit after approval to return system. Product registration requires company membership in the return system of the container type in question.

The container must conform to the current material and marking requirements.

Package design guidelines:


PET bottle

Glass bottle


The value of the deposit is determined by the volume of the product packed in the container. Palpa follows deposit values in accordance with the decree on the return systems of certain beverage containers.

In plastic bottles and cans, when products that did not used to be subject to a deposit become subject to a deposit, the old barcodes may not be used.

When products that did not used to be subject to a deposit become subject to a deposit, the old barcodes may not be used in glass containers registered using a national barcode (the product is only sold in Finland using the barcode in question). The barcode does not need to be changed in glass containers registered using an international barcode (the product is sold internationally using the barcode in question).

As the administrator of the deposit-refund systems, Palpa may limit the products approved for the deposit-refund systems. Container content residues may not impair the recycling value of the material, cause interruptions or malfunction of the reverse vending machines or create hygiene or odour hazards in the storage or transport of empty containers.

Because of the expansion, the Rules of deposit-refund systems have been amended. The Introduction page includes a note that the system will also include beverage containers that are not subject to the tax relief.