Sales reporting, estimate billing, product disposals


Sales reporting

At Palpa, we have noticed that there is an increasing amount of ambiguities in the reporting of deposit products. As a reminder, we go through the general instructions related to reporting.

  • The member company must report all products that may end up in reverse vending machines or Palpa glass bins. The reporting obligation also applies to product samples, donations or products taken into internal use.
  • The member company must ensure that the sales of the products are reported to Palpa, even if there are several companies in the supply chain. Reporting responsibility must be clearly agreed upon between the parties.
  • Retail corporations and wholesalers must make sure that sales of the new deposit products are reported to Palpa.
  • The member company must ensure that sales are reported to the correct barcode when the code changes (e.g. vintage products).

Estimate billing

  • If the member company does not take care of the reporting by the deadline, Palpa sends the company an estimate invoice. A service fee is added to the invoice. The estimate invoice must be corrected to reflect the actual sales of that month at the beginning of the following month.

Disposal of products

  • Disposal means disposing of both the contents of the package and the package in such a way that the package can no longer be returned to the machine and a deposit can be obtained. Disposed glass bottles may not be returned in Palpa's glass bins.
  • The label materials must be disposed of in such a way that they do not end up being misused.
  • The member company must provide Palpa with a certificate of disposal issued by the operator who did the disposal. The certificate of disposal must show the barcode of the product, the product name and the number of disposed packages.
  • Waste generated during production (packaging and label material) must be stored in a locked, supervised space before disposal to prevent misuse.
  • If the packaging of disposed products ends up to the reverse vending machines or Palpa's glass bins, the number of products must be reported to Palpa. Palpa pays the returner a deposit for the deposited packaging returned to the machine.