Palpa pays deposit refunds for return locations registered in the return systems and returning deposit beverage packages for recycling as instructed.

The credit notes are created and recorded on 15th day and the last day of every month. The payment term is always 21 days net from the value date. Palpa pays the deposit refunds to a bank account reported by the return location on the due date.

Palpa sends the credit notes as paperinvoices via post, as e-invoices or via email. Log your e-invoicing address on Extranet or report it by e-mail to address [email protected].


Palpa will refund the returns based on the receipt number. The receipt number, receipt date, and device number work together as identification information. The refund is based on the number of items per deposit code calculated by the vending machine.

The vending machine automatically generates the container receipt. The RVM supplier retrieves the return data from the vending machine and delivers it to Palpa in electronic form. The same practice applies to all recycled fractions (can, plastic bottle, glass bottle).


Return location

  • On the operation of the vending machine and its regular maintenance.
  • On the functionality of the line connection between the machine and the RVM supplier.
  • That the accumulated return data has been acknowledged on the container report and that the return data has been retrieved by the RVM supplier to the vending machine before it is deleted. If the machine is taken out of service without these measures, you will not receive a refund for the last refunds.

You can notify the RVM supplier or Palpa of the removal of the machine directly to [email protected]. Palpa forwards the information to the RVM supplier.

RVM supplier

  • On the accuracy of vending machine information and return information in the Palpa system.
  • On submitting return information electronically to Palpa.
  • On vending machine maintenance and technical support according to return location service requests.


  • On the management of vending machine data in its system based on notifications from RVM suppliers.
  • On creating the credit notes and paying the deposit refunds in accordance with the rules and regulations.


Refunding RVM returns requires a functioning vending machine and a line connection between the vending machine and the RVM supplier. Software updates will not be delivered if the line connection does not work. In this case, the machine will not recognize the new beverage packages connected to the return system as pledged. A broken line connection also prevents the return information from being received from the machine. This causes delays in the payment of deposit and handling fees.


Palpa will refund the cans and plastic bottles on the basis of the calculation data provided by the processing plants. Palpa will refund the glass bottles according to the pickups reported by the drivers, by container conversion. The receipt number is the same as the label number and the date of the receipt is the counting date or the date the glass container was picked up.

We recommend to use a follow up form for manual returns. Attach the tag of a Palpa sticker and mark the return date and content (cans/plastic bottles/glass bottles) to the form. Save the information for checking the refunds.

The follow up form can be delivered to the people in charge of inspecting invoices and the refunds can be followed up in Extranet with a delay of about 4 weeks from the pick-up date.

Follow up form for manual returns

The calculation lines always perform a check calculation at the beginning of the shift to ensure accuracy, which is reported to Palpa. If the accuracy does not meet the requirement set by Palpa, returns of return locations will not be calculated on that line.


Return location

  • On proper sorting of beverage packages and use of the correct transport unit.
  • On marking the transportation units with a Palpa sticker.

Drivers and processing plants

  • On transporting and counting the returns and reporting them to Palpa.
  • On monitoring the purity of the returns.


  • On creating the credit notes and paying the deposit refunds in accordance with the rules and regulations.


Returns can be easily tracked on Palpa’s Extranet. All complaints should be handled primarily through the Extranet.

For further information, see the Extranet instructions.