• At the emptying service, the glass containers are emptied at the return location in the agreed emptying rhythm. The driver of the service provider empties the glass containers into a glass collection truck and returns them to the return location after emptying.
  • The service will be switched to with the existing glass containers of the return location. It is good to make sure that the return location has enough glass containers. The appropriate amount is approximately the current weekly container requirement.
  • Rinsing of containers 
    • Return locations with reverse vending machines: The containers are rinsed circa five times a year, considering seasons and seasonal variations.
    • Return locations without reverse vending machines: The containers are rinsed regularly circa every 4 to 8 weeks, considering the seasons and seasonal variations.
  • The service does not affect the deposit refunds paid by Palpa.
  • NOTE! Containers should only be labeled with a Palpa sticker if the return location returns extra or broken containers by the beverage supplier.


  • Free service. Palpa is responsible for all costs of the service. Does not require a written agreement, Palpa will inform beverage suppliers of the return locations served.
  • Makes everyday life easier. There is no need to order, send or label glass containers in the service.
    The service requires a smaller number of containers. The emptying rhythm is always tailored to the return volume of the return location and can be changed quickly if necessary.
  • Flexible service. The emptying service is already in use in about 2,000 locations throughout Finland and customers have been very satisfied with it based on customer satisfaction surveys.


  • Requires a short (approx. 15 min) survey to ensure the suitability of the return location for the service.
  • Palpa informs the new return location the service provider performing the survey and the time of the survey. New emptying service targets will be surveyed with the consent of the beverage supplier.
  • The return location can also contact Palpa's customer service if it wishes to join.


  • Palpa informs the return location the starting time, emptying rhythm, emptying days and the contact information of the service provider a few weeks before the start.
  • Palpa informs the beverage supplier when the return location is transferred to the service.