Design guidelines for PET bottles update 6/2019


In February 2018, Palpa published a new material specification for PET bottles, prohibiting the use of PET material in the labeling of plastic bottles, as the material poses challenges in recycling. The transition period was until 31 August 2019. Based on the feedback we have received from beverage manufacturers and importers and label manufacturers, no substitute material is available, so we accept the use of PET labels for the time being.

Design guidelines for PET bottle

Recycling fees for plastic bottle 1.9.2019 onwards


The recycling fees of a plastic bottle will decrease by 20% in all recycling fee categories as of 1st  of September 2019. This is made possible by the favorable development of material income.

Prices valid 1.9.2019 onwards:

RECYCLING FEES (€/bottle) vat 0%
Clear, less than 1,0 litre 0,01238
Clear, 1,0 litre or more 0,02477
Coloured, less than 1,0 litre 0,01967
Coloured, 1,0 litre or more 0,03147
Mixed material, less than 1,0 litre 0,06170
Mixed material, 1,0 litre or more 0,09255

Price lists are available on PALPA web site:
Plastic bottle prices

Further information:
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