Non-deposit plastic bottles


Non-deposit plastic bottles must not be sorted into Palpa's transport units, as the recyclability of the material cannot be guaranteed. 

Due to the recycling of plastic, different types of plastic must not be mixed. In addition, the wrong materials in the packaging can prevent recycling. 

Palpa does not pay a deposit for plastic bottles that are not part of the return system.

Non-deposit plastic bottles can be recycled by returning them to a plastic collection point or as an energy fraction.

Impurities prevent recycling

Returns must not contain rubbish or other impurities as they will prevent recycling.

If the return is made in violation of the instructions, Palpa is entitled to sanction the return location for noncompliance with the instructions. The beverage supplier has the right to refuse to accept packaged transport units in violation of the instructions.

Remember to follow Palpa's sorting and return instructions in all returns.

Sorting instructions