Palpa recycling fees 2019


In the plastic bottle, the fees of clear bottle will reduce by 10%. Recycling fees for cans and glass bottles do not change.

BEVERAGE CAN Recycling fee
1.1.2019 (vat 0%)
Aluminium can 0,00552
PET BOTTLE Recycling fee
1.1.2019 (vat 0%)
Clear, less than 1,0 litre 0,01548
Clear, 1,0 litre or more 0,03096
Coloured, less than 1,0 litre 0,02459
Coloured, 1,0 litre or more 0,03934
Mixed material, less than 1,0 litre 0,07712
Mixed material, 1,0 litre or more 0,11568
GLASS BOTTLE   Recycling fee
1.1.2019 (vat 0%)
Retail product    
  International barcode  
  0,5 litre or less 0,08640
  Over 0,5 litre 0,14400
  National barcode  
  0,5 litre or less 0,07920
  Over 0,5 litre 0,13680
Horeca product
  0,5 litre or less 0,13230
  Over 0,5 litre 0,22050

Importers an breweries: New design guidelines for deposit-based beverage containers


Palpa has updated guidelines for the design and labeling of deposit-based beverage packages. The design guidelines have been supplemented and clarified on the basis of experience and feedback.

The bar code size guidelines have been updated to the GS1 Finland guidelines. The bar code size measurement method as well as the minimum height of the bar code have changed.

In the case of plastic and glass bottles, the bar code placement guidelines have changed.

Information on the bar code usage area, the difference between the retail and Horeca products, the use of the deposit symbol and the change of the importer have been added to the glass bottle design guidelines.

The plastic bottle marking guidelines and material specification are combined with the same document.

New guidelines can be introduced flexibly within the transition period by 31 August 2019.


Guidelines for aluminium cans 9/2018

Guidelines for PET bottles 9/2018

Guidelines for glass bottles 9/2018

Palpa news - Horeca June 2018


The delivery schedule of Palpa stickers

Palpa sends the stickers on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  We want to remind all return locations to order the stickers on time.

More Palpa stickers can be ordered from Extranet ( or from [email protected] Please remember to use only the return location’s own stickers in returns.

Returning correctly

The appropriate sorting of beverage packages is essential for both the reuse of the material and for paying the refunds.

Use Palpa manual bag for returns. Do not return other beverage packages or garbage in the bag.

Use Palpa manual bag for returns. Do not return other beverage packages or garbage in the bag. NB! Only plastic bottles with Palpas deposit marking.

Sort cans and plastic bottles separately and return them always in original shape, empty and clean.  

Return in 240 l plastic container with lid. Other glass material, porcelain, ceramics or garbage is prohibited to return in the container.

NB! It is not allowed to return glass bottles in a bag. Pieces of broken glass can be a large health and safety risk for the driver and for the personnel in the processing plant. If the return is not in compliance with Palpa’s instructions, the deposit refunds of the return may not be paid. Remember to follow Palpa’s sorting and return instructions in all returns.

More information on returning

Palpa recycling fees 2018


The recycling fees for the aluminium cans will change from 1 January 2018. Reduction in recycling fees is possible due to positive development of the earnings in the aluminum sales, which is expected to continue.

The recycling fees for the plastic bottles do not change. Material profits from plastics and the cost of the system have remained stable.

There will be no change in the recycling fees for glass bottles. Earnings of the material sales has developed favorably in the current year, the efficiency of collection logistics has been further developed, enabling the system's economic stabilization has initiation as planned.

Price lists are available in Palpa web site Materials.

The short neck change of PET bottles


The short neck change of PET bottles is possible without registration of the new barcode.

The manufacturer/importer will provide Palpa with information of the changes and sends samples of products to Palpa and RVM vendors before launching short neck bottles.

Palpa updates the changed product information to the product database and RVM vendors the reverse vending machines according to the normal schedule.

 See more details in Material bank.