Palpa News - Importers and breweries May 2014


Deposit symbol change for beverage cans

PALPA has published new marking guidelines for Finnish deposit aluminium packages. The English version can be found at PALPA’s website. Please find the link below. The new deposit symbol for aluminium packages is harmonized with other recycling systems operated by PALPA (OW-PET and OWG-system). Packages with new deposit marking can be sold in Finnish market with immediate effect. Packages with old markings can be sold until 31st December 2017. During the transition period packages with both old and new markings are sold in the Finnish market. Changing the deposit symbol does not affect in package recognition in reverse vending machines and the deposit value remains the same € 0,15. Therefore change in barcode is not required when the marking is changed for existing packages.


Member and product statistics 5/2014

The number of manufacturing and importing companies that have joined deposit recycling systems operated by PALPA has grown steadily in recent years. Currently our recycling systems involve 166 different companies and there is more than 12.000 different packages registered in the systems.

Recycling system for aluminium packages: 43 companies, 1 088 packages

Recycling system for OW-PET packages: 76 companies, 1 586 packages

Recycling system for OW-glass packages: 105 companies, 9 320 packages

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